Personalisation & Print: Your Next Secret Weapon

It is a great irony of modern marketing that reaching consumers has never been easier, but capturing their attention has never been harder. We have the benefit of endless communication channels and data, but we must compete against an infinite amount of content being produced by the second. Win some, lose some.

Effective communication cannot rely on simple exposure. You need the right message, in the right tone, sent at the right time. Through combining tactile print with personalised messages using variable data, you can cut through the clutter, improve consumer engagement and increase your ROI.

Don’t take our word for it though. Open Up To Mail, a campaign run by The Real Media Collective, showcases a plethora of case studies demonstrating the value of personalisation in direct mail. In another study commissioned by HP, 70% of consumers stated they were willing to pay at least 10% more for personalised products. The evidence is overwhelming, so how can you enjoy a slice of this personalisation pie?

Between our technology and expertise, Bambra can execute your print and direct mail with ease. Not only can our extraordinary presses handle the likes of variable data personalisation and special processes, but our experienced team understands data and knows exactly how to use it.

With this understanding, you do not have to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Personalisation on any level can be extremely effective, from a simple cover change through to an individualised message.

Through data analysis, you can choose as many or as little segments to gear your message towards. Age, gender and geography are great places to start. Or you can break it down further into lifestyle, aspirations, consumption habits. All are effective in creating impactful communication.

Better yet, incorporating personalisation with luxury and meaningful print is proven to be a winning method. Unlike digital channels, print has the added value of being touched and creating instant favourable associations with the consumer. Taking the words off the screen opens up an entirely new realm of creative opportunities, engaging with physical senses and building stronger connections.

If you want to see some cases of spectacular print and direct mail, visit Open Up To Mail to view their case studies. Or if you feel inspired enough already, give Bambra a call and, together with our expert team, you can begin to strategise incorporating direct mail into your communication.


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