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Print Perfection

A lot has changed in print over the 40 years we have been operating. What hasn’t changed however, is our philosophy. Print on paper with pioneered perfection- it's what we’re all about.

This philosophy has underpinned our growth into one of Melbourne’s largest printers servicing offset, digital, letterpress, large-format and specialty bookbinding. It's also what drives our culture and day-to-day; print perfection and not a drop of ink less.

We exist to help you look brilliant. To your customers. To your boss. To yourself in the mirror. With an expert team and an arsenal of top-line machines under our belt, there isn’t much we can’t do.

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Print on paper applied with pioneered perfection. It’s what we’re all about. From the inception of the idea to delivery, we collaborate with you at every stage to deliver brilliant results.


Bambra maintains a no-fuss, common sense approach to sustainability. Through clever eco-endeavours, we aim to inspire others to make sustainable practice an industry-wide mission.


As understanding, dependable and affable as we are, we can’t do our job without machines. Big, brilliant machines that leave us in awe, and you politely nodding while you think about something else.


Finding the perfect partner isn’t easy. Someone who’s prepared to meet you on those tight deadlines. Someone who fixes things that need fixing, no questions asked. Someone who knows exactly what you need, and provides it.