Bambraology. Drip Off Varnish Explained.


So, what exactly is a Drip Off?

It’s a varnish technique (also known as a Hybrid varnish) used in offset printing to create a striking visual contrast between gloss and matt areas on the printed surface. Commonly used in high-end print projects such as brochures, books and packaging to create a luxurious look and feel, highlighting specific images and/or text areas.

How does it work?

  1. We start by selecting a gloss paper to enhance the spot gloss effect we want to achieve.
  2. During the printing process, a special ‘Drip Off’ matt varnish is applied to all areas of the surface requiring a matt finish.
  3. The sheet then passes through the Aqueous coating unit where a high gloss Aqueous varnish is applied to the entire sheet.
  4. The areas with the matt varnish repel the gloss Aqueous coating, whilst the varnish adheres to the areas without it – bolstered by the gloss paper.
  5. The result? A high contrast effect between the gloss and matt areas on finished sheet.

So why use a Drip Off you ask?

  1. Contrast. When looking to highlight certain graphic elements, it’s the strongest spot gloss effect available in offset printing without using a spot UV varnish.
  2. Budget. Due to it being applied in-line at the time of print it’s a more economical option than a UV varnish which is applied separately.
  3. Durability. It adds an extra layer of protection increasing resistance to scuffs and scratches.

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