Introducing Our Mimaki Printer


Bambra is starting 2019 with some big news – we have a new large format printer! The Mimaki UCJV300-160 is the product of the finest Japanese engineering and a welcome addition to the Bambra family. With a litany of amazing features, we are very excited to see the creative work it can produce.

The Mimaki is an LED UV cured, roll to roll, inkjet printer that can print up to 1610mm wide. As the ink is cured by LED, this ensures the ink is flexible and durable on roll substrate, large format items. Amazingly, this machine can also cut, which allows for creating custom shapes.

However, in our opinion, the best feature of this printer is that it can do four colours, white ink and clear ink all in one pass. Yes – clear. ink. This kind of embellishing has never been possible on large format items due to their size, but the Mimaki press means you can have it all. Size, quality and embellishments to boot.

We should also mention this is one of the first large format printers that can print clear ink in Victoria. This is fresh technology and you have direct access to it. Bambra has always been committed to producing the best work through the finest technology, and the addition of the Mimaki printer is only further testament to that.

Application wise, the list is never ending. From large items, like banners and signs, to the smaller ones, like POP displays and stickers, the Mimaki printer can do it all.

Of course, seeing is believing. If you want to feel samples, or see the printer in action, shoot us a message and we’ll happily oblige. In the mean time, put that creative brain to work and think of all the amazing pieces you can create with the Mimaki at your mercy.


Contact us: (03)8698 3233

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