How Does Print Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

Some say print marketing is dead. But with new technology, the possibilities of print are becoming more creative and cost-effective than ever before. There’s merit to be found in an old adage, and you’d be wise not to forget that ‘old is gold’.

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is to underestimate the value of an omni-channel strategy . If your digital marketing efforts are robust, a tangible print marketing experience adds an extra layer of luxury to your brand. With a healthy dose of originality and craftsmanship, print collateral can instantly carry your message. More importantly, it can be driven straight into the hands of the right people. Let us elucidate.


The power of an integrated strategy
“Brands should be doing everything in their power to ensure they’re getting noticed.”

There’s no denying a barrage of digital content isn’t influencing us in a powerful way. We even question the blurred lines between privacy and utility when an ad, so disturbingly relevant, makes its way into our social feeds. Let’s say for now we skirt the obvious ethical conundrum and look at this from a strategic point-of-view. The issue is that these platforms are heralded as the best and only avenues for marketing. You can venture a safe guess your competitors are all vying to occupy the same digital real estate. But that’s exactly why finding your niche in print can prove to be quite the dark horse.

It’s about identifying the traditional touchpoints that will give your brand the edge and exposure it needs to drive an all-important secondary experience of your brand. For instance, circulating a piece of direct mail can prompt your target audience to visit your website or interact with your social account. Or your luxury brand’s placement in a magazine can be just the thing to spark someone’s memory. Brands should be doing everything in their power to ensure they’re getting noticed.


Real, tangible marketing experiences
“…print marketing can be seen, touched and held onto.”

Netflix’s popular anthology Black Mirror casts an incisive eye on our gung-ho approach towards technology—despite the ominous threat of dystopia. But with all histrionics aside, the same can be said about our marketing efforts. More and more brands are diving into the digital, without considering the impact a one-trick-pony will have on their existing branding.

Unlike digital ads, print marketing can be seen, touched and held onto. Be it a brochure, business card, magazine or some beautifully-designed packaging—these materials allow for a powerful, sensory experience of your brand. Sure, you might need to overhaul your strategy with some solid digital campaigning. But there’s no need to cast all your lovely printed stock aside.


Brand communication at its best
“It’s a race against the clock in a space that’s too crowded to compete.”


Print speaks volumes for your brand, communicating in a way that no other platform can. Imagine if the only exchange you had with your friends happened over social media. Chances are you’d see what they were up to, but know very little about them.

Again, in an oversaturated digital market , making a lasting impression becomes all the more difficult. One minute your brand is there, and in a second, it’s gone. And when it’s out of sight, it’s likely to be out of mind. It’s a race against the clock in a space that’s too crowded to compete.

When you consider the emergence of social media and its effect on traditional social frameworks, there’s clearly a time and a place for all forms of communication. At Bambra, we like to send the occasional Instagram message or connect with our wonderful clients on LinkedIn. But we also know that nothing beats good ol’ fashioned face-to-face interaction. You won’t forget the name of the designer you just met if they hand you a business card—and ultimately, your packaging is what really drives your products into the hands of consumers. In essence, it’s about taking a pragmatic, holistic approach to your brand’s communication strategy to ensure your audience is receptive to all your digital efforts.


Be bold, look brilliant

At Bambra, we love our craft . Our focus is on maintaining four principal quadrants; Quality, Environment, Technology and Relationships. Premium printing is our specialty, but we also go the extra mile with binding, mounting, forme cutting, packaging, embossing, sewing, foiling, edge painting, slipcovers and spot UV.

Bambra can help bring your brand to life through bold, innovative and sustainable print communication. Our offset, digital , letterpress and large-format presses are regarded as the crème de la crème of print among Melbourne’s top brands, designers, agencies and publishers. Now it’s your turn to look brilliant.

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