case study

The Sub Divide

Agency Grosz Co. Lab
Client Ball and Doggett

Offset CMYK

Various embellishments including foil blocking, multi-level embossing, varnishes, UV spot gloss + more.

Section sewn and bound with a custom slipcase box.

Overview This very special, technically-complex project was ideated and printed by Bambra back in 2016. Still, to this day, it remains the only project of its kind ever to be produced here in Australia. It can never be reproduced. It all started with a conversation between our fearless leader John Wanless and friends over at Ball & Doggett. It was then directed by Grosz Co. Lab, whose exceptional curation, development and considered design took the project to unprecedented heights (they have the awards to prove it). The Sub Divide was a limited edition book showcasing the work of 30 highly-regarded photographers, put forward by and for the creative industry. Those lucky enough to have a copy will understand the impact of this book and its talented contributors. A special thanks to all partners for their incredible collaborative efforts, including Ball & Doggett (who helped manage the project), Avon Graphics, Huber Inks, The Bindery, Foldercorp, Carltonlux, Nordale Graphics and G . F Smith. CMYK on the offset press + Aqueous Coating. Various screen rulings were developed specially by Bambra to ensure the best possible result across each section of The Sub Divide. Visit for more details about the photographers and partners.
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