Why Choose A Sustainable Printing Company?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable practices have proliferated the economy in recent times. If you’ve been keeping a finger on your company’s pulse, you’ll have already made some changes for the better. If that’s the case—good on you.

You’re probably wondering how a print company could be referred to as ‘sustainable’. But one of the biggest misconceptions about print is that it’s an industry rooted in wasteful practices. Unlike electronic waste, paper is recyclable. Print also encourages the responsible management of forests, without sapping our finite natural resources. Over the years, the print world has really pulled its weight in terms of overhauling outdated practices. With new technology and sustainable solutions, print offers a dependable market for brands and designers looking to align themselves with companies that share their values. At Bambra, we’re taking matters of the planet even further by increasing transparency at every level of our production process.

But for those of you still scratching your heads as to what a ‘sustainable printer’ means, we’ll give you the low-down on things like FSC® certification and innovative eco-print processes that are changing the game as we know it.


Why is it important to choose an FSC®-certified printer?
‘We want to be part of the solution.’

You’ve likely seen the logo before, but not quite understood what all the forestry fuss is about. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a globally-recognised non-profit that exists to promote responsible forest management and practices among the supply chain. The use of forest resources, waste minimisation and pollution prevention are all assessed against strict FSC® Chain of Custody standards. It’s why the organisation is recognised by stakeholders as having the highest sustainability standards in the world.

We make the greatest possible effort to ensure our paper stocks are responsibly-sourced, either from sustainable growth forests, verified recycled content or controlled fibre. We want to be part of the solution. Which is why every year Bambra actively participates in re-certification audits, ensuring we retain our FSC® supply chain assurance. We also source our very own FSC®-certified paper stock, Earl. Designed by Bambra as a cost-effective solution to high-end print jobs, Earl is available in a variety of colours, textures and paper weights. Because looking the part and doing your bit shouldn’t have to cost the earth. Ask your Bambra rep to see samples.

If you want to go the extra mile by having the FSC® stamp of approval on your next print project—get in touch with us. Every time we use the logo, Bambra submits your job to the FSC® board for approval.


What’s the go with ISO 14001?
‘…it’s a highly-nuanced framework for environmental management.’

Priding ourselves on our craft and inclusive workplace culture, we also recognise our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Bambra improved its operations by taking a structured approach to environmental protection. This approach extends to each and every one of our departments to ensure we all work towards our organisational goals.

AS/ISO 14001 is a strictly high-level of green practices in the workplace. But more than that, it’s a highly-nuanced framework for environmental management which demands continuous improvement. Companies that wish to certify to the system can do so by addressing risks and opportunities, managing environmental aspects and fulfilling compliance obligations. But becoming a certified company is no walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, and companies generally have to jump through extremely-costly hoops to earn their standardised stripes. By achieving ISO 14001:2015, we’ve successfully reduced our carbon footprint and improved our facilities to become leaders in our profession.


The world’s ‘most liveable’ city
‘…designers and brands are seeking only to collaborate with companies that share their level of awareness.’

Melbourne is known across the globe for having a particularly special relationship with progressive policy. Our city’s ambition lends an unmistakable scent of sustainability in the air—a fabric that has become so ingrained, it’s a mainstream affair. Even the council does its part by engaging, educating and empowering our community to make cleaner, greener choices.

And our beautiful city is like an open-air gallery. So, it should come as no surprise that here, in this future-focused landscape, many designers and brands are seeking only to collaborate with companies that share their level of awareness. If you’ve made it this far—we want to work with you.


At Bambra, sustainability is more than just a buzzword

We maintain a no-fuss, common-sense approach with clear and transparent environmental practices at every turn. Our planet-friendly offset, digital, letterpress and large-format print services are among the best in the business.


Good for the earth, good for your brand
Now it’s your turn to do your bit.


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