Creative Promotional Product Ideas For Premium Brands

It’s quite possible to boast about your business in a way that’s tasteful, and with tact. Let’s face it, if you’re a luxury brand with stature you have certain bragging rights. There’s no point being a faceless identity when you can invest in creative marketing that requires little-to-no effort.

Take promotional products, for instance. Promo offers multiple ways to fortify your brand’s presence and loyalty. But sometimes promo can be, well, underwhelming. Let’s face it, another cheap pen or tote bag isn’t going to win anyone over.

But if your giveaways are ahead of the curve or a little bit fancy, they can work wonders for your brand’s complexion. By using more reliable methods and quality materials to produce premium print items, you’re giving customers a memento that’s actually worth something to them (and worth a great deal to your business).

The power of promo

In a heavily-digitised age, it’s easy to picture the world of promo taking a plummet. But global reports suggest the inverse is true, with the promotional products industry generating a record $24.6 billion in revenue last year (its strongest year since 2014).

It’s also clear these giveaway items are still resonating with audiences, with 82% of customers admitting to more-favourable impressions of brands that used promotional products to deliver their message.

With so many marketers focused on their digital channels, many have forgotten one of the oldest advertising tricks in the book: reciprocity. There’s something unique about giving and receiving gifts.

‘Giveaway’ marketing offers great exposure, instant recognition—and when you compare it to other avenues, it’s proportionately lower in cost. Choose wisely and your ideas will double as calling cards that will be used daily. By default, your customers will associate your brand with a sense of trust and legitimacy.

Complimentary marketing strategies

Too many companies and marketers approach messaging from their own standpoint as opposed to seeing things through their customers’ eyes. It’s no wonder they have a hard time telling their brand’s story.

Unlike many other forms of ‘hard-sell’ advertising, promotional products are a great ‘soft-sell’ value-add to your marketing efforts. Why? Because promo leans more toward connection than saturation.

By appealing to your market in a personal way, you’re able to forge positive associations with your brand for first-time customers. What’s more is that these consumer-oriented engagement tools can tie in with your content marketing strategy. It’s about starting a conversation with something that feels more like a gift.

So here are some beautiful, original ideas that will allow you to be seen, heard and touched without compromising your brand’s integral aesthetic:


Santa Monica Bluetooth Speaker

Summer is coming. And as the days heat up, what’s the one thing Millennials can’t live without? Bluetooth speakers are the perfect companion for all your outdoor and leisure activities. Imagine having your very own branded bluetooth speakers to sell, use as gifts and for everything else under the sun.

Wine and Cheese Boards

Oban Acacia Wine Plate Set

Which brings us to the perfect bourgeois accompaniment to your Summer picnic: a wine and cheese platter with your luxury name to it. Each of these offerings can be custom engraved or screen printed depending on your specifications. Designed and built for sharing in all of life’s greatest pleasures, promotional boards, platters and picnic tables are the Summer promo idea you wish you’d thought of yourself. And we know your customers will devour them. Bon appetit!

Diffusers and candles

Airmate Diffuser

Imagine if your clients or customers could live and breathe your brand every night before bed? Diffusers are a luxe alternative to your run-of-the-mill promo runs. Not only do they help to purify the air, they also deliver aromatherapeutic benefits with the pleasant addition of essential oils.

Candles are another great option for brands looking to evoke a sentimental response from their audience. Since most consumers choose brands based on emotion rather than logic, it’s a simple yet effective means of appealing to your customers’ tastes and personal needs.

Bespoke Pens

Quest Pen

It’s the thought that counts but if your thought gets lost in a sea of cheap-and-nasty plastic competitor pens—chances are you’ll be forgotten.

But if your personalised or promotional pens reflect the quality of your premium brand, they make for great marketing and gift giving. The rule is: the better the writing instrument, the better the brand exposure.

For an even higher perceived value, order your pens to come in a custom deluxe display box. It won’t cost you much, but its presentation will give your brand a competitive edge. Think top-quality ballpoint, metal, stylus or twist-action pens with your custom logo printed or engraved.

Ask about our extensive promotional product range

If you thought your promotional products had to follow in the footsteps of others, you haven’t seen our latest offerings for top-tier brands. Bambra Promo maintains your high-end philosophy with luxe branded merchandise that’s tailored to your individual needs. You’ve worked so hard to curate an identity that speaks to your audience—why sell yourself short with lacklustre ideas and substandard quality? Order before the imminent summer promo scramble and give your customers something to talk about.

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