Antimicrobial Printing – New technologies keep your print germ free.

With the current times we find ourselves in, maintaining a high standard of hygiene within our workplaces has become vital. With this in mind, we now offer some great new products that add an extra layer of antimicrobial protection to your printing, packaging and signage.

Antimicrobial Laminate

Coat all your favourite stocks with a laminate that inhibits the growth of microbes by up to 99.9%. This coating has been imbedded with silver particles and also destroys bacteria, fungi and molds including some of those pesky antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The effects are long-lasting and have been proven to last for up to 10 years! Available in both gloss and matt, these laminates can be applied to nearly all your prints!

Antimicrobial Adhesive Stock

Another new product is a printable adhesive stock embedded with an antimicrobial coating, which kills 99.9% of germs. It also removes bad odours from the air such as perspiration, food waste and formaldehyde. This textured material is easily removable and repositionable, making it the perfect solution for window graphics or wall signage.

Add Protection To Everything!

These antimicrobial technologies can be applied to just about any printed product, working to create a healthier environment. They’re perfect for adding a germ-free defence to any items which are frequently handled.

Contact us today for more information about these new products and add some extra protection to your next print project.

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