our team

Dependable and downright affable

At Bambra, actions speak louder than declarations of affection. We’re passionate about solutions, not problems. We partner with and work alongside you to get the results you want – and results you never dreamed were possible.

It’s why we have dedicated account managers. It’s why we work around the clock and regard deadlines as sacrosanct. It’s why we fix problems immediately, no questions asked, and why every one of our long-standing clients likes us just as much as we like them.

Our fearless leader

John Wanless
Managing Director

Our Managing Director, John Wanless, joined Bambra Press from the paper industry back in 1992. John took over what was then a one and two-colour print company and turned it into the Bambra we all know and love today.

Our management team

Craig Walder
Quality Control Manager

Our Top Dog

Our sales team

Brett Verran
Account Manager

Chaba Sidji
Account Manager

Michael Nicholas
Account Manager