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Why can’t we be friends? Print & Digital in marketing

There’s a popular narrative that digital marketing and print marketing are mortal enemies. One contravenes the other and they can never, EVER exist in the same marketing mix. It would cause the end of the world as we know it.

Well, we think that’s rubbish.

In fact, we know the combination of print and digital in your strategy will not make your brand spontaneously combust; it will cause it to flourish.

Everyone knows a good strategy is based on the target audience and where they are casting their gaze. This is why many are quick to opt in for only-digital channels, since it’s no lie that we spend an exuberant amount of time on our devices. Unfortunately, putting all your touchpoints in one basket is not ideal for your brand or your audience.

Every communication channel has both its flaws and virtues. However, the values that make digital ideal for many – quick, easy, dynamic, cheap – could also be argued as its downfall. If everything you have is only accessible through a screen, there is no tangible value to your brand; it’s only an abstract concept. In fact, it positions your brand quick and cheap.

Here’s where print comes in. Having print in your marketing mix brings your brand into the third-dimension. And the words many use to describe print in a negative light – old school, static, traditional – are actually the values that will be effective for your business.

Your brand image is not dynamic. It’s the Coca Cola logos and the Nike ‘Just Do It’ slogans that stand the test of time and are instantly recognisable.

Your brand image is not cheap. It’s worth the luxury feeling of thick stock and indents from the letterpress that you run your fingers over.

Your brand is not quick. It’s long withstanding and will be around a lot longer than the 0.387 second attention span garnered from a tweet or status update.

Print and digital are yin and yang. Digital will bring fast communication to your audience so you can regularly engage. Print will communicate the nuanced elements of your brand and give your audience a piece to remember.

So don’t play into the rivalry between print and digital, because it doesn’t exist. Consider a holistic marketing strategy with touchpoints in all areas, and your brand won’t be forgotten amongst the sea of others.