The Power Of The Basics
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APRIL, 2018

Meet Troy Riley

It’s easy to forget and sometimes hard to imagine the people behind an organisation. At Bambra specifically, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are all incredibly good-looking and outrageously hilarious. Well, because you’re right. However, we think you should get to know us all a little better: meet the Bambra Family.

Officially our General Manager, unofficially our ‘everything man’, Troy Riley is a Bambra all-star.

Troy began his career selling paper, but it wasn’t long before he entered printing at Bambra. 20 years later, he is now a partner in the company.

Back then, Troy said his role was not segregated to a department. Bambra was significantly smaller so he would quote, run and just about deliver a job. Tinkering everywhere in the business makes him quite the talented individual, but nowadays he spends most of his time in production.

It’s not hard to understand why Troy thrives in any area. You will never catch him without a smile on his face or a cheeky twinkle in his eye. His boundless energy can only be paralleled by our industrial machines, which run and run with no complaint or falter.

Rather than picking a single moment, Troy describes the development of relationships with clients and staff as his career highlight. He believes going the extra mile for customers is the most rewarding aspect of print.

In the future, Troy wants to see Bambra evolve and grow with its clients. With new services and machines continuously being added to the organisation, his goals are already underway.