Bambra Basics: Mimaki Printer
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MARCH, 2018

Not just a piece of paper

A well-executed piece of print is crafted upon layers and layers of tiny details. Together, they work together intuitively to form something outstanding.

This principle of nuance is echoed in creative marketing and advertising. From the outside, one sees a general campaign. But from within, it’s countless cogs working to promote a key message.

Going further, you can see the same notion paralleled in good branding. A brand is the face of so much more going on behind it; the people, the values, the goals and the production.

Print is not just a piece of paper, in the same way a brand is not just an organisation. In order to effectively communicate the individuality of a brand, you need to use a channel that reflects the same values in itself.

To the average person, it’s hard to see a blank piece of paper and imagine it as anything else. For us, the creatives and the chasers, we see a world of opportunity. This is why Bambra is proud to produce materials that take a simple piece of paper, and turn it into something beautiful. Something worthy of representing incredible brands.

Connect with consumers through quality offset, digital, letterpress and wide-format printing. Improve their recall with embellishments such as foiling, embossing, sewing and mounting. But don’t stop there - our capabilities are not restricted to what has already been done before. When you look at a piece of paper and see a vision, Bambra will take you there.