Bambra Basics: Mimaki Printer
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APRIL, 2018

Think big, print bigger

All of us have big things to say. Big opinions, big ideas, big news. It’s absolutely criminal when these important messages are lost in a sea of information. Therefore, it is our pleasure to announce that Bambra now offers large format printing services. So, if you have something important to say, you can say it BIG.

Our large format press will expand our services into a whole new realm of large items - now that’s some big news. We also offer a variety of stocks such as cardboard, foam board, corflute, screen board, self-adhesive vinyl and block out banner.

What we love most about working with our clients is seeing their ground-breaking and unique designs come to life through our printing. We are incredibly eager to see what creative work they will trust us to produce in a large format capacity.

Now more than ever, you can count on Bambra to deliver premium printing in every area. Applying the four quadrants of our craft – quality, environment, technology and relationships – in everything we do ensures your design and vision is presented flawlessly, every time.

Contact Bambra today to find out more about large format printing.