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MARCH, 2018

Meet John Wanless

It’s easy to forget and sometimes hard to imagine the people behind an organisation. At Bambra specifically, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are all incredibly good-looking and outrageously hilarious. Well, because you’re right. However, we think you should get to know us all a little better: meet the Bambra Family.

John Wanless is a certified Bambra original. In fact when John started, it was still on Bambra Road. Back then it was a small company that did small jobs. Now, 25 years later, John has built it up to be the Bambra we all know and love.

During his time in the print industry, John has sat as Chairman on the National Print Award committee, won countless accolades and established a renowned name for himself.

All of this began after John left school with no desire to start his degree at Swinburne. So rather than waste his time in a course he didn’t enjoy, he decided to work at a paper company while he figured it out. Nearly 10 years later, John moved to Bambra, which he eventually bought outright. The Bambra as we know it today was built through John’s tireless work and dedication, and he hopes to see it grow even further.

Around the office, John is constantly on the go with his sidekick, Jaffa, never far behind. However, he’s never too busy to flash a smile or say hello before heading on his way.

John’s philosophy - create great quality work with great people – may seem simple in theory, but in practice it requires putting in the hard yards. Luckily, John doesn’t do anything by half standards. That’s why the print industry knows that if John has his hands on a job, it will not be ordinary in any capacity.