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MAY, 2018

Branded Merchandise at Bambra

Bambra loves print, and paper is our bread and butter. That much is obvious. But, we thought, why should we stop there?

Committed to our bid for world domination – or, at the very least, print domination - Bambra is pleased to announce that we now offer branded merchandise printing services. This is the latest addition to the growing Bambra family, alongside our offset, letterpress, digital and large format presses.

We know branded merchandise is a vague term, but Bambra has never been the type to abide by conventional definitions. As a guideline, think premium quality products such as pens, mugs, bags or apparel. Beyond that, your imagination is our muse.

This expansion effectively places us as your number one printing destination for all elements in a multi-channel campaign. Across direct marketing, events, sponsorships, advertising, packaging – if you need print, you need Bambra.

Gone are the days of chasing multiple suppliers across printing jobs. With the time you save you can sit back and enjoy a coffee, or start a new Netflix show, or brush up on your Italian. Meanwhile, we’ll expertly handle all your printed goods with the same principles of quality and attention to detail that Bambra has always operated under. Molto bene!

Call Bambra today to plan your next campaign with branded merchandise, or learn more about what Bambra can do for you.